My career in photography came by the same winding path that most of the great experiences in life do.  My mother was a prairie elementary school teacher and her love of photography began my passion for the art. The vast prairie landscape, the dramatic weather and witnessing all of the stages of life created a visual sensitivity that is still with me today.

College in the 1960s was focused on taking courses for a degree to teach secondary education communications. In 1970 I spent he summer as a field assistant for a geologist / philosopher / photographer / artist hiking and exploring the canyons of southern Utah. The visual memory of the vast rolling grass lands of Nebraska were enriched with snow capped mountains, deserts, amazing light and the ever present spirituality of the canyons. The first photographs that I ever sold were created that summer. The 1970's also brought about my first experiences photographing art for artists, something I still enjoy today

I attended the Brooks Institute in the mid 1970's when and where the pursuit of quality was king. 1989 I moved with my family to Traverse City, Mi. where I began my carrier as a commercial / architectural photographer. My clients have included: General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, US Air, New York Port Authority, Fairmont Hotels, Lear Crop, Delta Faucets, Formica Corp, WoodMode Custom Cabinets, Wine Spectator, Architectural Digest, Robb Report, Cakebread Cellars, Merry Edwards Wines, Chalk Hill Estates and a variety of nation and international clients.

For most of my time working as a photographer I have taught individuals and classes about the art and the craft of photography. In 2006 I began working with the Santa Rosa School's ArtQuest classes for young photographer / artists . My love for teaching and my love for photography connected to bring about the creation of the Northern California Center for the Photographic Arts and now PhotoArts Marin whose goals are to Create, to Teach and Preserve the Art of Photography. The Center and PhotoArts Marin's programs range from mentoring student photographers to teaching adult workshops and organizing classroom and location photography adventures.