A personal fantasy

A personal fantasy

Four years ago I worked with Pleasures of the Heart on a special Halloween Project, it was great fun for everyone involved and the photos are amazing..

I believe that all women are beautiful regardless of age, shape or size. My goals are to portray their unique beauty and personal style in a safe, secure, fun environment and create photographs or HD video that are works of art.

* All photographs are the sole property of the client and will never be shared with anyone at any time.

* The clients identity of will always be protected and never released

"I've known Glen for over five years as a client who has used his photography services for wedding, family and personal photos. Glen is fantastic! He is dedicated and willing to photograph new, interesting and sometimes challenging poses and people. He has a kind way of interacting with everyone and is committed to providing and showing the best of those he photographs." PL

“Glen was the right choice! When you're pregnant, it is quite commonly known, that you're likely to go through a roller coaster of changes and feelings. I wanted to be photographed while pregnant for 2 reasons: documentation to remember how I looked, and to feel beautiful. I hired Glen from San Rafael and he made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, simply by chatting in a sweet but honest way while taking my pics. The result was so professional! We did a bunch of indoor shoots with dark backdrop, nudity, masks, and then I even hired him for a late pregnancy shoot with my partner out in a marsh reservoir. He's a kind, warm, jolly sort of person, and he absolutely is a PRO. Will hire him again.” AH

“I did maternity photos with Glen and was very impressed with the process and results. He had some great ideas for stances and lighting and it really showed in the photos. He has a wonderful talent and I would recommend him to anyone.” AS

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Pleasures of Heart is offering a 30% discount on any products used in the photo shoot


The portrait package is discounted 50%+ = $99.00.

1.5 Hour photo sitting

As many costume changes as you may want in 90 min.

2-8x10 prints

15-8x10 print quality digital files

2020 printed calendar using 12 of those images


HD / 4K Video

Individual or Couples

Large prints

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