Weddings are beautiful, romantic, they show us at our best and our most hopeful. They are also an excellent opportunity for the photographer / artist to create something wonderful by capturing those once in a lifetime memories.

Elle and Josh

Elle and Josh


My career in photography has been a mix of commercial and personal clients.  I have worked nationwide with Fortune 500 companies, small and multinational design firms, photographed large events, small events and weddings of every type imaginable. Big or small, personal or commercial – all require good communication / collaboration with the client, technically excellent images and an artistic eye.

Important considerations for your Wedding Photographs:

Uniquely You: Your Wedding is Uniquely You and your photographs should be as well. My approach to photographing weddings is to find out what it is that the bride, groom and family want and then make that vision real.  This collaborative process begins as soon as we agree to work together and carries on through conversations, Pinterest, Instagram our what ever works until I throughly understand your vision / goals. You will be given a checklist for the photographs that you want to have taken and that list can be added to or changed up until and including the day of the wedding.  I will create an approach that will make the images unique to you, your family and the feeling of your wedding.

Experience: With weddings - there is only one chance to get it right. Years of experience have given me the craft skills to make sure that happens and the flexibility to change with an often changing environment.  The probabilities are that something will not go as planned on the day of the wedding and I know how to deal with the unexpected and still get the photographs you want.

Personality and Professionalism:  By nature I am calm, flexible, and confident and will not add to the stress and distractions of the day.  I take my responsibilities very seriously and will stay focused on creating the wonderful photographs of your very special day. 

Technology & Photo Editing: In the past couple of years the quality of digital photography has taken great leaps forward and can now - for the first time - equal and even exceed the quality of film.  I work with state of the art Nikon Cameras and lenses which are unsurpassed at being able to create high quality rich full tonal range images even in extremely low light which is often the case at the reception. Photoshop - Every image is reviewed individually and fine-tuned for quality and consistency.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to using Photoshop to artistically enhance an image and make it more dramatic and / or painterly. All digital proofs are uploaded within twenty one days of the wedding.

Just as every prospective bride / family should strive for a good fit with their photographer I strive to make sure I have a good fit with my clients.   This making sure we “are on the same page” makes for a happy relationship, successful collaboration and quality photographs.  

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