Women Of Spirit #1

    I began the Women of Spirit Project in the winter of 1999 when, somewhat unexpectedly, I found myself a single parent raising a 15 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. As I worked to give my children a solid foundation for their future, the issues of body image, peer pressure, religious dogma, personal sexuality and media manipulation took center stage.  The life lessons and values that we learn in our early years stay with us for a lifetime - both the positive ones and the negative ones. 

    Real beauty is the light that shines from a person’s heart, the gleam in a person’s eyes, the posture of self confidence and that knowing smile of someone secure in themselves.  For young people finding / creating this identity can be incredibly challenging without a secure parent to guide them. As adults we often have to dig deep and throw off years of doubt to find our balance. Cultural pressures and marketing companies are forever trying to fill us with doubt to get us buy their products and pursue the unattainable - perfection.  When we can’t be perfect we feel like a failure, incomplete and undeserving of respect or even acknowledgment and thus become invisible.  That is one of the prime reasons why these women have chosen to be apart of this project: to share with their sisters and daughters the strength to rise above the doubt and noise and claim their own being and happiness as they are today.

    The first Women of Spirit eBook was published 7/13/14. The second book is well underway and I hope to be able to find more adventuresome souls with stories to tell.  

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