Ballet Afsaneh

Several years ago I contacted Sharlyn Sawyer, founder of Ballet Afsaneh re: setting up a photoshoot with her dancers and the Marin Photography Club. 

When she said that we would be getting together at dawn in early February it was too late for me to reconsider because it was early going to be very very cold and it was both. 

As our group of photographers, bundled up from head to toe assembled, it became very clear that the rarest of events was about to happen. Gorgeous early morning light, the mist caressing the valleys, the gorgeous costumes and these amazing athletic dancers created magic while we froze our behinds off. 

Their dedication + their art + the natural beauty + the craft and art of the photographers present created some amazing images. 

As with EVERY arts organization they need our support so, it is my sincere hope that you will do what ever you can to honor - support and celebrate these wonderful artists. Please select the link below to be taken to their home page.